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VHS Seed Library Sponsor

Arlene Rickard

VHS Science Teacher

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What is a Seed Library?

Coming in Spring 2018!

"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need."         -Cicero

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What is a Seed Library?

A SEED LIBRARY is a depository of seeds held in trust for the members of that library. Members come to the library and borrow seed for their garden. Members grow the plants in their garden and at the end of the season, they let a few plants 'go to seed.'


Starting in Spring 2018, the VHS Library will house a SEED LIBRARY for collecting and exchanging seeds among VHS school staff, students and community members. The purpose of the VHS SEED LIBRARY is to promote health and nutrition by offering an accessible, free source of locally adapted plant seeds, supplied and cultivated by VHS community members, for increasing consumption of wholesome food. 


Stay tuned for more information about the VHS Seed Library!