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Educational Assistants

Contact Adriana Alderette Acuna  Adriana Alderette Acuna SESS2
Contact Fanny Almanzar  Fanny Almanzar ex: 54184 SESS1
Contact Stacie Chavez  Stacie Chavez ex: 54199 SESS2
Contact Jesse Chertoff  Jesse Chertoff ex: 54269 EA
Contact Desiree Gonzales  Desiree Gonzales ex: 54269 SESS
Contact Jennie Griego  Jennie Griego ex: 54000 EA
Contact Amanda Hermosillo  Amanda Hermosillo ex: 54196 SESS2
Contact Krystal Hernandez  Krystal Hernandez ex: 54269 SESS2 EA
Contact Michael Hernandez  Michael Hernandez ex: 54196 SESS2
Contact David Jones  David Jones ex: 54194 EA
Contact Theresa Moffett  Theresa Moffett ex: 54149 IGS1
Contact Aliciarose Pacheco  Aliciarose Pacheco ex: 54193 SESS 1
Contact Linda Rael  Linda Rael ex: 54165 SESS2
Contact Luisa Saenz  Luisa Saenz ex: 54187 EA
Contact Jerry Skelton  Jerry Skelton ex: 54198 SESS2
Contact Antoinette Strittmatter  Antoinette Strittmatter ex: 54196 SESS2
Contact Roberto Velasco  Roberto Velasco ex: 54198 SESS


(505) 345-9021

Teachers can be reached by calling the main number listed above. You may then enter the 5-digit extension to reach your party. Please note that phones do NOT ring in classrooms during school hours, however you will be able to leave a message.

Language Arts

Contact Maryjean Brownell  Maryjean Brownell ex: 54105 English
Contact Jennie Chavez  Jennie Chavez ex: 54178 English as a Second Language
Contact Justin Griego  Justin Griego ex: 54197 SESS2 English
Contact Jason Hollis-reynolds  Jason Hollis-reynolds ex: 54173 English
Contact Michael Powdrell  Michael Powdrell (505) 239-5065 ex: 54184 SESS1 English / Geography
Contact Mary Sellers  Mary Sellers ex: 54108 Gifted English
Contact Matthew Smith  Matthew Smith ex: 54179 AP English / Honors English 10
Contact Malik Waters  Malik Waters ex: 54128 / 54209 English / Read 180

Social Studies

Contact Shelby Baker  Shelby Baker ex: 54160 Social Studies
Contact Francis Dolan  Francis Dolan ex: 54183 Social Studies
Contact Erin Gillespie  Erin Gillespie ex: 54159 History / AVID 1
Contact Sharmila Goradia  Sharmila Goradia ex: 54113 Social Studies
Contact John Mascarenas  John Mascarenas ex: 54193 SESS2
Contact Lynnett Thompson  Lynnett Thompson ex: 54133 Special Ed. - Social Studies


Contact Margaret Foos  Margaret Foos ex: 54164 Math
Contact Galen Martinez  Galen Martinez ex: 54141 Math
Contact Debbie Milligan  Debbie Milligan ex: 54109 Math
Contact Vanessa Patricio  Vanessa Patricio ex: 54137 Math
Contact Maryann Robertson  Maryann Robertson ex: 54116 eCademy Lab
Contact Daniel Sanchez  Daniel Sanchez ex: 54160 Math
Contact Melissa Williams  Melissa Williams ex: 54171 Math
Contact Elsie Ysatam  Elsie Ysatam ex: 54198 SESS2 Math


Contact Glenda Dawson  Glenda Dawson ex: 54185 Geology / Health
Contact Albert Gabaldon  Albert Gabaldon ex: 54121 Forensics / Environmental Science
Contact David Grimes  David Grimes ex: 54120 Biology
Contact Brett Lovette  Brett Lovette ex: 54117 Science
Contact Gavin Ouellette  Gavin Ouellette ex: 54118 Astronomy / Biology
Contact Arlene Rickard  Arlene Rickard ex: 54114 Astronomy / Chemistry / Geology
Contact Diane Walker  Diane Walker ex: 54115 Biology / Chemistry


Contact Arlene Anglada  Arlene Anglada ex: 54240 P.E. / Mock Trial Sponsor / Volleyball Head Coach / Girl's Track Asst. Coach
Contact Gary Beyer  Gary Beyer (505) 463-8492 ex: 54207 / 54238 AFJROTC
Contact Maria Bonilla  Maria Bonilla Adaptive Physical Education
Contact Carolina Campos Dorce  Carolina Campos Dorce ex: 54181 Spanish
Contact Ralph Chavez  Ralph Chavez ex: 54261 / 54259 PE / Football Coach
Contact Vivian Chavez  Vivian Chavez ex: 54205 / 54132 Drama / Yearbook
Contact Mark Ellington  Mark Ellington ex: 54105 Band
Contact Serri Grube  Serri Grube ex: 54100 CAD / Drafting & MESA
Contact Ana-alicia Karnas  Ana-alicia Karnas ex: 54192 Photography / Film Production / Webmaster
Contact Chad Kuhn  Chad Kuhn ex: 54263 PE / Baseball Coach
Contact Rigoberto Marrufo  Rigoberto Marrufo ex: 54176 Spanish
Contact Ryne Martinez-metzgar  Ryne Martinez-metzgar ex: 54124 Health / Golf Coach
Contact Robert Miera  Robert Miera ex: 54188 Culinary Arts
Contact Gary Montoya Jr.  Gary Montoya Jr. ex: 54263 PE / Def. Driving
Contact Charles Newman  Charles Newman ex: 54238 AFJROTC
Contact Eugenio Perez  Eugenio Perez ex: 54103 / 54104 Metal / Woods
Contact Fara Pettus  Fara Pettus ex: 54149 Culinary Arts / Consumer Science
Contact Harry Pozas  Harry Pozas ex: 54182 Spanish
Contact Daniel Tang  Daniel Tang ex: 54186 / 54210 Ceramics / Photography
Contact Galadriel Thompson  Galadriel Thompson ex: 54196 / 54211 Art / Painting
Contact Sherilyn Urben  Sherilyn Urben ex: 54106 Piano / Guitar
Contact Matthew Wells  Matthew Wells ex: 54172 DECA - Marketing / Computer Apps

Individualized Education

Contact Susan Boretsky  Susan Boretsky ex: 54149 Special Education
Contact Billy Cobos  Billy Cobos ex: 54129 Teacher
Contact Vanely Cordova  Vanely Cordova ex: 54131 Teacher
Contact Susan Domeij  Susan Domeij ex: 54134 Teacher
Contact Steve Gallegos  Steve Gallegos ex: 54196 Teacher
Contact Mario Guillen  Mario Guillen ex: 54199 SESS2
Contact Veronica Pena-gonzales  Veronica Pena-gonzales ex: 54130 Teacher
Contact David Roy Ii  David Roy Ii ex: 54174 English
Contact William Scheuer  William Scheuer ex: 54165 Teacher
Contact Amalia Tomlinson  Amalia Tomlinson ex: 54194 Teacher
Contact Raymond Woods  Raymond Woods ex: 54175 SESS1 / Assistant Wrestling Coach