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Bilingual Program


We dedicate ourselves to providing the linguistic and cultural awareness necessary for students to flourish in the 21st Century.

Our courses prepare students to present themselves as educated citizens in the global society, experienced in understanding and communicating, and at home in a changing world.

NM State Bilingual Seal (PPTX)


  • Spanish
  • Spanish Language Arts
  • Bilingual World History
  • Bilingual US History
  • English Language Development

Our Students

  • Multi-language learners
  • Simultaneous bilinguals
  • Native Spanish speakers
  • Spanish as a second language learners
  • Heritage Language Learners

Contact Information

  • Carolina Campos Dorce
    Spanish Language Arts

    Phone: ex: 54181
  • Tamara Navarrete
    English Language Development / Bilingual Coordinator
  • Maria Orozco
    Spanish for the Heritage Speaker / English Language Dev.