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Announcements 01/07/2022
Posted 1/7/22



1.  Date to announce; 1-5, 6, 7:  ID’s:  Students NEED to have their school picture ID.  StudentVue will no longer suffice as proper identification on campus.  If you do not have a school picture ID you go see Ms. Rivera at lunch to get a replacement. Senior ID’s are $25 and all other grade levels are $5.


2.  Date to announce; 1-5, 6, 7:  Student Parking: As we begin, the second semester there will be changes made for those students who park in the student parking lot.

1.     No access to cars to get or place items in cars at any time.

2.     Only Seniors can access the lot during lunch.

3.     When Seniors are in the lot for lunch, they will be expected to leave and not loiter at all or their access will be denied.

4.     Only CEC students, Students with parent releases or those allowed for “off Campus” periods will be allowed in the lot during periods other than lunch time.  These students must leave and not loiter or their access will be denied.

5.     Those students that do not have a class period must remain on campus and are not allowed to loiter in the lot.  This especially applies to those students who arrive in the morning and do not have a morning class.

6.     Speeding will be enforced with a referral to Admin and a call to the parent or guardian from the APSPD SRO.

7.     School picture ID student identification cards will be needed to access the lot for senior lunch, parent allowed appointments or to leave for CEC classes. Security will not take the student view from phones in 2022.  Students without an ID will be turned away or sent to get an ID card.


3.  Date to announce; 1-5, 6, 7:  All students registered for Defensive Driving 2nd semester class will start on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 in the Lecture Hall at 2:30pm.  Classes will meet every Tuesday and Thursday.   If you have any questions see Coach Montoya in the Gym. 





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