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Dual Credit

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Dual Credit : Go to college in high school

Interested in taking a dual credit course? That's great! But remember that this is a big responsibility! It will count as an elective on your high school transcript and it begins your college transcript. Taking a dual credit course does not add weight to your GPA. Each college course counts as 3 credits (unless it is a lab - it only counts as 1 credit), and will transfer to your high school transcript as 1 elective credit. So you take one dual credit course for the fall term and it will transfer back to your high school transcript as 1 elective credit - pretty sweet right?! In the event that you fail the dual credit course, it will show up on both your high school and college transcript, so your overall GPA will be affected in both places - you have a GPA in college too! If you fail, this will also disqualify you for scholarships, such as the NM lottery scholarship. Again, a big responsibility. It is also VERY important that you continuously check your college email/account throughout the term, email your professors/instructors from there, pay any fees, etc. About fees... students are responsible to pay for fees associated with the course, but the NM Public Education Department covers tuition and textbooks. Below you will find the links and steps to follow if you are interested in taking a dual credit course!


CNM Dual Credit

CNM Dual Credit Fast Facts

Dual Credit Information for Students

CNM Class Schedule

Questions? Contact the Dual Credit Achievement Coach, Kelli Gallardo at (505) 224 - 4000 ext. 51878 or

UNM Dual Credit

UNM Schedule of Classes

Questions? Contact the Dual Credit Coordinator, Dee Dee Hatch-Sanders at (505) 277 -7204 or


Dual Credit Textbooks

CEC (Career Enrichment Center)

CLICK HERE to learn more about CEC.

Some popular choices for dual credit include:

  • First Year Experience 1110 (I suggest you take this course first - first year college student course that helps with transitioning from high school to college)
  • Religion 1110
  • Psychology 1110
  • Sociology 1110
  • Art & Design - Music 1120
  • Second Language
  • Communications 1130