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(505) 345-9021

Staff can be reached by calling the main number listed above. You may then enter the 5-digit extension to reach your party. 

Holly Blue Sky Rey ex: 54219 Counselor 9-12th : Q-Z
Crystal Chavez ex: 54009 Counselor 9-12th : A-G
Angelica Delgadillo ex: 54222 College & Career Readiness Counselor
Angie Killingsworth ex: 54117 Crossroads Counselor
Deanna Valdez ex: 54220 Counselor 9-12th : H-P

Social Workers

Yvonne Garcia ex: 54208 Social Worker
Lee Llamas ex: 54148 Social Worker
Patrick Welch ex: 54237 Social Worker / Head Freshman Boys Basketball Coach
Jennifer Willis SESS2 Social Worker