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Valley High School is a Gen Yes School


Students interested in participating in the Gen Yes program should see their Counselor.

(Click on the logo above to view video)


ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A dozen Albuquerque Public Schools students are being trained to become technology teachers.


The program is part of a national program called Gen YES. A dozen students grades 3 through 12 from seven different schools are receiving training to help teachers integrate technology in the classroom. They will teach their classmates and teachers how to use things like iPads and computers as well as different apps and programs.




Valley is proud of its cultural and ethnic diversity.  Among our student body, you will find descendents of Albuquerque’s founding fathers, as well as those who have recently arrived in the United States.  There are several neighborhoods within our attendance area–Los Duranes, Los Griegos, Los Anayas, and Los Chaves–which are named for families whose ancestors settled here over 300 years ago.  Streets bearing their names are dotted throughout the North Valley.  Their descendents presently represent Valley High students and staff.

VHS Registration Signature Page (1 per student)

Please complete the VHS Registration Signature Page on each of your children that attend Valley High School, if you have NOT already done so.  This one page document covers ALL of the required signed documents in the student's Agenda:  VHS Computer Use Policy, VHS iPad Agreement Form, Video/Photo/Media Release Form, Viking Crossing 9th grade and Viking Landing 10th grade and the VHS Release of Student Information.  More specific information can be found under Important Links:  Registration Information.


Students will NOT be able to access their StudentVUE accounts unless the VHS Computer Use Policy is initialed on the VHS Registration Signature Page and the VHS Registration Signature Page is signed and dated by both the student and the parent/guardian.  Fill all blanks (if not applicable, put an NA in the blank) and all check boxes (if not applicable, leave unchecked).


Click on the picture below:


VHS Registration Signature


 Please e-mail this form to:  miriam.shaw@aps.edu or print it out and return to our Registrar's Office at Valley High School



Today: 5/29/16

Announcements 05/20/16  

1.  Date to announce; 5-19, 20:      Students – Please clean out your locker ASAP and return ALL books you DO NOT need for your finals. Take care of class fees and return uniforms. Remember, backpacks are not allowed on campus Monday and Tuesday during finals.


2.  Date to announce; 5-20, 23:  Any student who has an elevator key checked out must return before the end of the school year or pay a $25 fee for key replacement.

2015-2016 Summer Programs


District News

District Events

APS Student Testing



Finals Week:

Friday, May 20th = Modified C day with

Review / 7th period final

Monday, May 23rd = Finals 1, 3, 5

Tuesday, May 24th = Finals 2, 4, 6


Friday, MAY 20TH

PERIOD                      EXAM TIME


ANNOUNCEMENTS    7:30 - 7:37


  1. 7:37 - 8:07
  2. 8:13 - 8:43
  3. 8:49 – 9:19
  4. 9:25 - 9:55
  5. 10:01 – 10:31
  1. 10:37 - 11:07
  2.  11:13 - 11:43

LUNCH   11:49 - 12:19

7th PERIOD    12:25 - 2:25 (Final Exam)


Monday, MAY 23rd

PERIOD                       EXAM TIME

0 Hour     6:00 - 6:54 (Final Exam)

1st           7:30 - 9:30 (Final Exam)


3rd           9:42 - 11:42 (Final Exam)

LUNCH    11:48 - 12:18

5th         12:24 – 2:24 (Final Exam)

Announcements   2:24 – 2:25


Tuesday, MAY 24th

PERIOD                      EXAM TIME

0 Hour    6:00 - 6:54 (Final Exam)

2nd        7:30 - 9:30 (Final Exam)


4th         9:42 - 11:42 (Final Exam)

LUNCH   11:48 - 12:18

6th         12:24 – 2:24 (Final Exam)

Announcements  2:24 – 2:25


Make up finals will be given on May 25th.  All students are required to take a final exam in each class.

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